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MLB opening day rosters featured 28.2% of players born outside U.S. (4th all-time highest). The 2013 campaign marked the Houston Astros’ switch from NL Central to AL West. So each league had 15 teams with interleague games played all season long.

The 2013 schedule was a more balanced one as each team played its 162 games as follows:

Each Club will play 19 games vs. divisional opponents, for 76 division games total. The 19 games will be played in six series – three at home and three on the road. Each Club will play either six or seven games vs. non-divisional League opponents. These six or seven games will be played in two series – one at home and one on the road. Overall, 66 games will be played against non-divisional League opponents. Each Club will play 20 Interleague games throughout the regular season. 16 of these interleague games will be played vs. all the teams of the same division with a year-by-year rotation system (this year: ALeast-NLwest, ALcentral-NLeast, ALwest-NLcentral). Interleague series featuring prime rivals (east-east, central-central, west-west) will include back-to-back two-game series spanning both cities/venues (May 27-30). These 20 Interleague games will be played in eight series – four at home and four on the road.

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