World Baseball Classic final rosters

WBC13-Logo-150.jpgThe final rosters for the 2013 World Baseball Classic have been unveiled. Starting with the upcoming edition, the WBC winner we’ll be declared World Champion. In fact, the IBAF World Cup played its final edition in 2011 (Panama) crowning the Netherlands as the last IBAF World champion. The intentions of the organizers are to develop the WBC in a World Cup in the soccer mode. The 2013 playing field is strong with many All-Stars and major league players playing for their home countries, so we can expect a captivating and spectacular event, but the fact that MLB clubs continue, covertly and deceitfully, to hinder the participation of many talents and elite players remains, showing a total lack of foresight about the importance of displaying the best players on the international stage in order to promote the global growth of the game, bringing in the medium term the ability to expand their markets. Baseball was invented in the United States, but it is a beautiful heritage played all-around the world. MLB clubs should understand that sooner or later. In this regard, Baseball America editor in chief, John Manuel, wrote this interesting article.

Baseball America WBC Rosters page

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