larussax-inset-community.jpgThe 2011 Cardinals are one of the most resilient team ever seen in baseball. They lost ace Adam Wainwright for good before he could throw an official pitch, then played most of the season without key players such as Pujols, Holliday and Freese, again they were 10 ½ games behind the wild card Braves in August. They made the post season the last day of games, then eliminated the heavily favourite Phillies and the Brewers in five games. The Rangers looked like the favourite team to win the World series, but despite twice being down to their last strike in game 6, the St. Louis Cardinals bounced back winning 10-9 in 11 innings thanks to a solo shot of David Freese (named the WS MVP) and deserved to claim the World Series winning Game 7, 6-2.

Game#1 Texas – St. Louis – 2-3 (video)

Game#2 Texas – St. Louis – 2-1 (video)

Game#3 St. Louis – Texas – 16-7 (video)

Game#4 St. Louis – Texas – 0-4 (video)

Game#5 St. Louis – Texas – 2-4 (video)

Game#6 Texas – St. Louis – 9-10 (video)

Game#7 Texas – St. Louis – 2-6 (video)

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