Scouting the Stars (Giants at D’backs)

wilson.jpgOn this column, we’re evaluating MLB players utilizing the 20–80 Scouting Scale that scouts usually use (80 is the maximum, 50 is the average ability/skill for a big-leaguer). It’s not strange for big-leaguers to be scouted during their careers; scouts, managers, coaches do that normally. Scouting reports on big-leaguers are very important for future acquisitions of players. Our scouting report is based on what a player shows during a specific game. We’re evaluating the 5-tools for position players (hitting, power, speed, defense, arm) and pitching performance (fastball, change-up, slider, curveball, control/command).

Wilson’s nasty slider was the best tool of the game.


HITTING: Chris Young (CF D’backs): very good approach at the plate; went 2-for-3 with a walk (rated 60). 

POWER: Chris Young (CF D’backs): displayed solid power with a HR to left on a curve outside by Bumgarner and a double (60).

SPEED: Justin Upton (RF D’backs): showed above average speed on the bases (infield hit) and on defense (60).

DEFENSE: Justin Upton (RF D’backs): plus speed, plus range and athleticism, made a spectacular sliding catch (70).

ARM: Ryan Roberts (3B D’backs): the third baseman showed a strong arm (60).

FASTBALL: Madison Bumgarner (LHP Giants): his fastball sat at 91-93 mph (60).

CHANGEUP: Joe Saunders (LHP D’backs): 81-84 mph change that was is best pitch, or the one he controlled the most (55).

SLIDER: Brian Wilson (RHP Giants): he commanded a nasty 86-88 mph hard slider that is the main reason of his MLB leading 20 Saves (70).

CURVEBALL: Madison Bumgarner (LHP Giants): flashed an average 74-77 mph curveball (50).

CONTROL: Madison Bumgarner (LHP Giants): the lefty’s control was better than his command; he threw a good number of strikes (66/101, 65.3%) with two above average (fastball & 84-88 mph slider) and an average (75-77 mph curve) pitches, but left different offerings in the middle of the plate, finishing to being hit hard as evidenced by the two homers and the 2/7 GO/FO ratio (55). Joe Saunders (LHP D’backs): his control of a three solid pitch mix (88-92 mph fastball, 81-84 mph change & mid-70s hook) was average, with the changeup working better than the fastball (50).

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