2010 International Signings – 1

Venezuelan Adoniscardona.jpg Cardona (pictured) was the best pitcher available of the 2010 international class.



Foreign-born players may sign with any of the 30 Major League clubs during the international signing period, which runs from July 2 to August 31. To be eligible to sign a contract, a player must be 16 years old at the time of signing and turn 17 years old by either 1) September 1 or 2) the end of his first professional season, whichever is later. Following are two lists of top international prospects available in 2010. The first includes players eligible to sign during the 2010 international signing period who will begin their professional career in 2011 (they are divided by country or region and ranked according to scouting reports); the second (other prominent international signees) concerns other important international players signed in 2010 (Source: Baseball America, MLB.com, MLB Rumors, Mister-Baseball, MLB Fanhouse).

Dominican Republic

1. Vicmal De La Cruz (16), OF: the left-handed is probably the best bat in the July 2 crop along with Eskarlin Vasquez. Has the best toolset of this year’s class. SIGNED by Oakland on 11/11/2010 ($0.8M signing bonus)

2. Eskarlin Vasquez, OF: top all-around position player in the class along with De La Cruz. A right fielder with a strong arm and good power, but has questions swirling around his age.

3. Esteilon Peguero (17), SS: one of the toolsiest players available, Peguero shows some flashy skills at shortstop and big upside at the plate. He’s an outstanding athlete. The best shortstop available out of the Dominican Republic this year. The MVP of the inaugural season of the Dominican Prospect League, Peguero has good bat speed and he has shown well against live pitching. An average runner, projects to move to another position, possibly second or third base. SIGNED by Seattle on 12/06/2010 ($1.1M signing bonus)

4. Phillips Castillo (16), OF: Castillo is one the class’ best pure power bats with his ability to hit and hit for power; has good running speed and an above-average arm. SIGNED by Seattle on 07/15/2010 ($2.2M signing bonus, a franchise record for an amateur player out of Latin America)

5. Alberto Triunfel (16), SS: Triunfel is the younger brother of Mariners’ top flight prospect. Good feel at the plate. He’s a righthanded hitter who stands out for his athleticism and smooth actions at shortstop. SIGNED by Texas on 12/16/2010 ($0.3M signing bonus)

6. Wilmer Romero (16), OF: Romero is somewhat of a late bloomer in terms of being among the elite July 2 names. He’s a righthanded hitter who stands out for his athleticism and broad tool set. SIGNED by N.Y. Yankees on 10/25/2010 ($0.656M signing bonus)

7. Luis Abad (16), RHP: has a live arm (hitting 92 mph) and very good fastball movement. SIGNED by Houston on 10/12/2010

8. Edwin Moreno (17), OF: scouts love Moreno’s left-handed bat and speed. He’s got some pop, a strong body and a good arm. Tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs prior the July 2 signing deadline. SIGNED by San Diego on 10/28/2010 ($0.5M signing bonus)

9. Luis Marte (16), SS: he can handle the shortstop position and shows a lot of pop at the dish. SIGNED by Texas on 11/04/2010 ($0.215M signing bonus)

10. Hector Veloz (16), 3B: stands out for his plus raw power from the right side, though he has been inconsistent hitting in games. He also shows an above-average arm and solid hands at third base. Tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs prior the July 2 signing deadline. SIGNED by Baltimore on 07/09/2010 ($0.3M franchise-record signing bonus for Latin America)

11. Ariel Ovando (16), OF: left-handed hitter who profiles as a middle of the order power hitter with excellent defensive skills. He profiles as a front line major league right fielder and should move quickly through the minor league system according to GM Ed Wade. SIGNED by Houston on 07/07/2010 ($2.6M franchise-record signing bonus)

12. Felix Jorge (17), RHP: 88-92 mph fastball and the feel for a curveball. SIGNED by Minnesota on 02/14/2011 ($0.25M signing bonus)

13. Antonio Gonzalez (16), SS: scouts believe he can stick and play above-average shortstop and that the bat will come along. SIGNED by Chcago Cubs

14. Geronimo Franzua (16), LHP: a thin left-hander, Franzua is already reaching the low-90s with his fastball and has flashed a decent feel for his secondary pitches. SIGNED by Houston on 09/28/2010 ($0.25M signing bonus)

15. Christopher Tamarez (16), SS: considered one of the better overall athletes in Latin America this year. SIGNED by N.Y. Yankees on 08/17/2010 ($0.65M signing bonus)

16. Elvis Sanchez (16), 3B: power is his best tool. He stands out for his power and arm strength. SIGNED by N.Y. Mets on 28/10/2010

17. Joel Araujo (16), OF: has shown plus speed, good raw power and a solid arm in the Dominican Prospect League this spring. He can develop into a five-tool type player. SIGNED by Tampa Bay on 07/03/2010 ($0.8M signing bonus, a Rays’ record for a international prospect signed out of the Dominican Rep.)

18. Javier Pimentel (16), SS: combines consistent defensive abilities, solid hit ability, power potential and a projectable large-framed body.SIGNED by Minnesota on 11/29/2010 ($575K signing bonus)

19. Mauricio Cabrera (16), RHPSIGNED by Atlanta on 07/03/2010 (six-figure signing bonus)

20. Reyson Zoquier (16), LHP: throws in the high-80s and can touch 90 mph, complementing his fastball with a curve and a changeup.SIGNED by Minnesota on 07/02/2010 (six-figure signing bonus)

21. Jeimer Candelario (16), 3B: a switch-hitter who stands out with his potential to hit for average and power. Candelario is a below-average runner and his defense is behind his bat, but he does have a strong arm at third. SIGNED by Chicago Cubs in Oct. 2010 ($0.5M signing bonus)

22. Daniel Sanchez (16), SS: a right-handed hitter with above-average raw power. He’s an average runner with a solid-average arm. SIGNED by Chicago Cubs on 07/02/2010 (mid six-figure signing bonus)

23. Milton Gomez (16), RHP: average fastball that has been up to 92 mph and feel for a curveball. SIGNED by Milwaukee on 08/10/2010 ($0.35M signing bonus)

24. Rigoberto Garcia (16), RHP: strong arm and all the makings to become a true power pitcher. He already shows a solid-average fastball with the ability to throw well above-average down the road. SIGNED by Seattle on 07/19/2010

25. Olivel Fiorentino (16), SS: is an offensive-oriented righthanded hitter. SIGNED by Cincinnati on 08/09/2010 ($0.25M signing bonus)

26. Alfredo Reyes (16), SS: gap power and an ability to control the strike zone at the plate.  His wiry-athletic frame allows him to project well at the SS position. SIGNED by NY Mets on 11/29/2010 ($0.2M signing bonus)


1. Adonis Cardona (16), RHP: the top Venezuelan talent in the 2010 crop. 88-91 mph, touching 93 mph fastball. He should have at least a plus fastball when he’s done filling out and should be able to hit the mid-90s down the road. He also shows some feel for a changeup. SIGNED by Toronto on 07/08/2010 ($2.8M signing bonus. A record for a Venezuelan amateur)

2. Renato Nunez (16), 3B: has the potential to hit for plus power and solid average hitting. SIGNED by Oakland on 07/02/2010 ($2.2M signing bonus)

3. Roughned Odor (16), SS: a left-handed hitter, has the ability to stick at shortstop. He’s expected to be a plus average hitter and runner. SIGNED by Texas on 01/01/2011 ($0.425M signing bonus)

4. Humberto Arteaga (16), SS: quickness, positioning and running speed. Arteaga has a compact swing, so the club expects him to make contact and produce lots of line drives, though his power potential seems limited. SIGNED by Kansas City on 08/10/2010 ($1.1M signing bonus)

5. Angel Mejias (17), LHP: Mejias completes the group that is being talked about as the elite four players in Venezuela, currently sits around 90 mph with the fastball.

6. Yorman Landa (16), RHP: has a live arm, reaching 90 mph, and figures to add more as he matures.

7. Gabriel Cenas (16), 3B: a righthanded hitter who stands out for his bat and arm strength. SIGNED by Toronto on 07/08/2010 ($0.7M signing bonus)

8. Felix Carvallo (16), LHP: currently sitting in the upper-80s with the fastball.

9. Argy Raga (16), C: good athleticism behind the plate and power potential. SIGNED by Oakland on 07/22/2010($0.58M signing bonus)

10. Carlos Penalver (16), SS: an above-average runner with good instincts for sticking at shortstop. Penalver’s medium frame doesn’t project for power, but he has good bat speed. SIGNED by Chicago Cubs ($0.55M signing bonus)

11. Yorman Garcia (16), OF: righthanded hitter with plus speed, one of the best athletes in Latin America. SIGNED by Arizona on 07/07/2010

12. Anderson Mata (17), LHP: good pitchability left-hander. SIGNED by Oakland on 07/02/2010

13. Darny Vazquez (16), OF: advanced left-handed bat, use the whole field with line-drive power. While he has experience in center field, he doesn’t have the speed to play there in the majors. SIGNED by Detroit on 07/03/2010 ($1.2 signing bonus)

14. Vicente Lupo (16), OF: stands out for his strength and raw power. SIGNED by N.Y. Mets on 07/08/2010 (low-to-mid six figures signing bonus)

15. Jose Tovar (16), LHPSIGNED by Colorado on 07/03/2010 ($0.35M signing bonus)

16. Francisco Silva (16), SS: a plus runner with a plus arm whose defensive tools are ahead of his bat. SIGNED by Philadelphia on 07/02/2010 ($0.2M signing bonus)

17. Jose Torres (16), LHPSIGNED by Oakland on 07/02/2010

18. Leon Jackson Canelon (16), IF: a contact hitter whose soft hands and speed appealed to Mets scouts. SIGNED by N.Y. Mets on 07/08/2010

19. Yordyn Calderon (16), 3B: he’s a good athlete who can hit for power. Calderon was one of the better prospects in Latin America because of his bat but he has shown solid tools in the field as well with good hands and a strong arm. SIGNED by Seattle on 07/15/2010 ($0.477M signing bonus)

20. Luis Pina (16), LHP: he is accomplished, poised and already has good feel for pitching. SIGNED by Seattle on 07/19/2010($0.65M signing bonus)

21. Franklyn Zavala (16), LHPSIGNED by Philadelphia on 09/21/2010 ($0.33M signing bonus)

22. Erick Gomez (17), LHP: shows solid feel for pitching. SIGNED by Seattle on 07/19/2010

23. Jesus Rivas (16), IF/OF: has stood out for his raw power from the right side. SIGNED by Oakland on 07/22/2010


1. Luis Heredia (16), RHP: has a live arm. He is a little trickier to sign than most July 2 players because his team in Mexico owns his rights. Heredia is right behind Adonis Cardona in terms of top pitching talent in this class. A right-hander with the potential, according to scouts, for four above-average major-league pitches (fastball at 92-93 mph). He cannot be signed until turning 16 on Aug. 16. SIGNED by Pittsburgh on 08/24/2010 ($2.6M signing bonus-franchise int’l amateur record)


1. Jose Torres (16), RHP: he’s considered the top pitching prospect this year out of Colombia. SIGNED by Seattle on 07/15/2010 ($0.85M signing bonus)

2. Dilson Herrera (16), SS: above average defender. SIGNED by Pittsburgh on 08/20/2010 ($0.22M signing bonus)


1. Tzu-Wei Lin, 3B (Taiwan): The 16-year-old was named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player, with a batting average over .600 and 12 runs scored, at the World Junior Championship in Canada last month. He has good speed and a good arm with an above-average bat. SIGNED by N.Y. Yankees on 08/23/2010 ($0.35M signing bonus)

2. Hung-Yi Chen, RHP (Taiwan): The 2010 Taiwan junior national team member was named the 2010 Yu-Shan Cup MVP. The 17-year-old tops out at 90 mph and throws a fastball/sinker/slider/forkball mix. He has a good delivery and is physically mature for his age. SIGNED by Minnesota on 07/02/2010

3. Seong-Min Kim, C (Korea): 17-year-old right-handed hitter, has plus raw power. SIGNED by  Oakland on 03/10/2011 ($510K signing bonus)


1. Andy Paz, C (France): The 17-year-old who came from Cuba to France four years ago. A member of the French Junior National Team, he won the bronze medal in last year’s European Championship in Bonn and will be playing in the World Junior Championship in Canada at the end of the month. SIGNED by Oakland on 07/02/2010 ($95,000 signing bonus)

2. Rodney Daal, C/3B (Netherlands): The 16-year-old played for the Dutch Junior National Team at the AAA World Championship in Thunder Bay (Canada) in July and was named best hitter at the MLB European Academies Tournament in Germany this spring. 13 MLB organizations were interested in the promising player. SIGNED by San Diego on 08/24/2010

3. Alberto Mineo, C (Italy): The 16-year-old attended the MLB European Academy in Tirrenia (Italy) and was a member of several Italian national teams at various levels, including the juniors at the World Cup in Thunder Bay. His best tools are his arm and his bat. He also has good defensive skills and is very quick with the glove. SIGNED by Chicago Cubs on 08/26/2010

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